Self Massage for Healthier Skin

The skin is the largest part of our body so many of us would spend much on a spa to get a massage as a pampering idea for ourselves. But self love through self massage could be cheaper, yet better. Self massage is beneficial for the skin and here's why.

Self massage calms the nervous system. The skin and its million neurons are exposed to dust, pollution, weather, and stress all day long. By using mild oil, you are calming millions of sensory neurons for every square centimetre that you massage on your skin. By doing so, neurons could actively do their tasks in bringing out the glow within your skin.

Skin becomes firmer and tighter. Massaging strengthens and tones the muscles and rubbing your skin at least once a day would help it look fixed. Loose skin may result to forming of wrinkles and sagging of the skin so it is always essential if you practice a massage routine.

It eliminates toxins. Your skin may produce toxins that can be harmful to the skin system. Regular massage could loosen toxins and bring them to the process of elimination through the natural toxin-release process, leaving you a healthier glowing skin.

It prevents skin from drying out. Self massage is also essential in keeping your skin’s moisture. Rubbing stimulates the circulation in the skin gently exfoliating the dead skin cells, enhancing cell renewal in the epidermis, and helping the sweat glands to carry out their excretory functions more efficiently.

Self-massage, a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety, promote mindfulness and clarity and simultaneously nourish and care for our skin. Bear in mind that having a smooth, glowing skin isn’t always about using lotions and skin moisturizers. It is also by putting an effort and time to your skin.  


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