Unexpected Ways You're Getting Sun Exposure

Going out on a day light is usually the reasons most of us thought that we can be exposed to the sun’s UV, but UV exposure happens when we least expect it. It damages you and your skin without you knowing it. Here are some scenarios UV exposure is happening.

Driving a car can contribute in exposing your skin to the UV rays. Although your car windows are covered with materials that helps block and  protect you from the sun’s rays, you may not know that your rear and side windows are not doing much job in obstructing the rays of the sun.

Using mobiles, tablets and computers harms you. The electromagnetic radiation coming from your electronic devices is just as dangerous as the UV rays. Although some gadgets provide screens which lessen the emission of radiation, it is still better that you make yourself responsible in using and choosing the device and when to use them or not.

Strolling on a cloudy day. Most of you would assume that going out on a cloudy day makes you safe from the UV rays but what you don’t know is that although the sun is blocked, the clouds cannot contain the UV rays resulting to an indirect UV rays skin damage by 80%.

Sitting in your desk. Working and sitting beside the window all day is one of the reasons our skin is damaged by the UV rays. You should be aware the rays can pass through the glass window and can deeply penetrate into your skin. If you could not avoid sitting beside the window you can always have your sunscreen applied over your skin to help you be protected from the damage it may cause.

Protecting your skin whether you are having an indoor or outdoor activity is necessary. You can never tell when the sun exposure can harm you. It is better that you are prepared by at least applying a sunscreen to your skin.  

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