Where to Buy Derma Rollers?

Avid skin treatment fans familiar with at-home skincare treatments may already be aware of what this treatment is. However, for those who are looking for something quick and easy to learn, derma rolling may have entered your sphere of knowledge in recent months. Derma rolling has been a fad among the beauty community worldwide for many years; however, the concept of being able to derma roll at home is relatively new. In this article, you will learn what a derma roller and what the practice of derma rolling is, and where to find derma rollers based on your needs and skin type.

What is a derma roller?

As seen in one of our other pieces, here is a summary of what this technique is all about. This technique has shifted from being one only available at a dermatologist office to now being a process that anyone can learn and implement.

A derma roller is a skincare device that creates micro pathways in the skin to allow for serums and treatments to be better soaked up by the skin. When using a derma roller in conjunction with a serum, we at Petunia Skincare, recommend the 0.5 mm needle size. Needles at this size allows your chosen serum to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and increases anti-aging effects. There is a larger size, however, the 1.0 mm, which is utilized for a specific derma rolling technique known as "wound healing stimulation." While this size is still small, the slightly larger needles allow for the creation of tiny pricks around the affected area. Which, in turn, allows for your body's wound healing response to activate. This process provides for healthy skin to grow to replace the damaged skin.

Quick Refresh on the Process

As with most skin treatment techniques, there are factors to keep in mind to achieve the best result. Always plan out your execution beforehand to execute the process for the best results.

Start by going horizontally over the forehead, cheeks, and chin areas in a back and forth motion. Next, begin to roll vertically on the forehead slowly up and down. While doing any of these steps, keep your pain threshold in mind; don't do more than what your skin can handle.

While this technique is helpful, it is crucial as with all methods to maintain a level of safety. Finally, finish the process by working the roller at an angle across the face in one direction, not back and forth, as seen in previous steps. This information is more detailed in another article in our blog section, which goes into more specifics.

Where can I get one?

Now that we've got through a brief summary of derma rollers and how to use them, the next obvious question would be how to get your hands on one. Due to the characteristics of this technique, it is crucial to research before you buy. Below are a few tactics every first-time derma roller should keep in mind.

Sterilization and Quality

This one seems like a no brainer. Check before you purchase how the derma rollers are packaged, shipped, and kept sterile before shipment. If something is sent to you that is just loose in a box or not sealed up, the risk of dirt and debris on the needle is quite high.

Our derma rollers are stainless steel to provide the user with the best quality, and stainless steel will create fewer reactions in the skin among users than other metals.

Clear Instructions

For some derma rolling pros, it may seem like riding a bike in terms of remembering all the steps. However, if this is your first venture into the derma rolling world, check to see if the seller provides clear and concise directions. On our website, we provide infographics to help explain the derma rolling process as well as including instructional videos, all linked in the product descriptions.

Returns and Guarantees

One of the downsides of derma rolling is that, for the most part, if you want good quality, you have to go online. Shopping online can be anxiety-inducing for some. Or when you are doing your research, you may be hard-pressed to find any information about shipping guarantees and return policies. Here at Petunia Skincare, all our products are backed by a 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Should you feel that our products do not suit your needs for any reason, please fill out our contact form with your Order #. We will surely respond to you within 24-48 hours with the RMA form you will need to fill out and ship back along with the products. A refund for the product value will be processed back to your original payment method minus the cost of shipping and restocking fee of $1.95 per item. 

Buying a derma roller doesn't have to be as intimidating as it may seem. At Petunia Skincare, we do our best to take the guesswork out of embarking on the next step of your skincare journey.


And please let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. What are some things you keep in mind when you start browsing online for your next skincare holy grail find? Also, share any stories about your derma rolling journey with others!



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