Things You Should Do After Popping a Zit to Prevent Scarring

Things You Should Do After Popping a Zit to Prevent Scarring

Hands-off the face as they say, but pricking has always been a temptation for us. And because we just can't resist doing so, there are few things we need to know so that we could prevent the obvious  evidence of popping those eerie thing that comes out from the holes of our skin.

First,  wash your hands before and after touching your face. It is the basic and the most important thing to do to prevent skin from acquiring bacteria  from other things you might have touched and  from the pimple you just popped.

Next, Apply cold compress on the affected area right after you prick to prevent it from redness and swelling. Cold temperature slows down the blood flow thus keeping it from puffiness and avoiding existence of lumps.

To avoid it from scarring, use benzoyl peroxide. Popping the zit can cause its contents to go through the deeper skin, hence using benzoyl peroxide can help do away the bacteria that may cause irritation and can cause more skin damage.

After you popped the pimple out, make you sure to control yourself from scratching the area. Newly popped pimple mark could be so itchy, thus preventing scratching can avoid the marks from getting worse.

Do not get the scab. The skin beneath the scab starts to heal and reconstructs the cells. And pricking the scab can leave a scar that may take time to heal.

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