Those Eyes, Those Lips, That Glow! The Best Winter Skincare Tips (And Why They Work!)

Here’s the good news: Winter is one of the best times to get your glow on.  Your skin can look influencer-perfect this season with just a few clever tips.  

Best of all, you don’t need to make big changes to your current routine to see big changes in your skin. All it takes is an understanding of your complexion and a new outlook to tackle the winter’s skincare challenges. Our winter skincare tips will have you racking up some serious #radianceenvy. Trust us on this one. 

Winter Skincare Tip #1: Understanding the Causes of Winter Skin

Winter is the seasonal bad guy, wreaking havoc on your face, body, and hands, but another culprit is often overlooked. 


Stress is part of life; we get it.  However, stress also takes its toll on our skin. At Petunia Skincare, our natural, vegan, and organic products have been formulated to help eliminate stress from your skin’s memory and restore it to its healthy natural state.  

Our philosophy is to treat, prevent, and protect. Our plant-based products address the elements and the impact of stress on your face for beautiful year-round results. 

Winter Skincare Tip #2: Is Your Skin Dehydrated or Dry?

Although the words are often used interchangeably, dehydrated skin is not dry skin. Totally different. 

Dehydration is a condition, not a skin type and dehydration still produces oil. People with oily and combination skin are often surprised to discover their skin is also dehydrated. The skin may also create an overabundance of oil to compensate for lack of hydration. Signs of dehydrated skin include dullness, uneven texture, fatigue, a noticeable increase in lines and wrinkles, flakey patches, and itchiness. 

Symptoms of dry skin are similar but include scaly tightness and discomfort.  Dryness occurs when there is a lack of moisture in the air, a common occurrence during the winter.  Dryness can wreak havoc on your lips, making them appear chapped, thin, and bruised. Circles under your eyes can darken, and lines around your eyes may deepen and tighten. Skin looks red and windblown. Little bumps can appear on the cheeks.

Another sign of dry skin is hyperpigmentation from eczema flare-ups which tends to be more common in the winter. Eczema can lead to inflammation and may cause hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin.

Still don’t know if your skin is dry or dehydrated?  

There is an easy peasy “pinch test'' that you can do at home. Simply pinch the flesh on your arm or thigh or back of your hand. Give a gentle tug up and release. If your skin remains “tented” and does not return to normal, this is a signal that your skin is most likely dehydrated. .

Winter Skincare Tip #3: Holistic Solutions

Now that you know if your skin is dehydrated or dry, you can start the reparative process. The skin is one part of the many organs that make up our bodies. This is why a holistic approach toward correction is so important. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  1. Chill out physically. Yes, it’s cold outside, but artificial heat and heavy clothing take a toll on your skin. Try to dial back the heat during your shower or take shorter ones. Hot water dries out your skin.  
  2. Chill out mentally. Remember to take time for yourself. Holidays can cause tension but prioritizing self-care will keep you feeling calm and cool. 
  3. Invest in a humidifier. A humidifier can help relieve symptoms of dry skin by releasing mist into the air. 
  4. Add some OH to your H2O. Water is the fountain of youth and offers many skin-loving benefits. It bolsters the skin’s barrier, which seals in moisture.
  5. Make smart food choices. Opt for foods that are rich in Vitamins A, C, D & E. These vitamins help fortify the skin. Avoid sugary sweets, baked goods, and foods high in fat, as they can lead to inflammation. 
  6. Prioritize wellness. If you smoke, here’s another reason to quit. Tobacco speeds up the aging of the skin and interferes with the healing process. Also, sucking on the filter can deepen the lines around the mouth and the tiny wrinkles around the lips. Opt for less alcohol and more exercise — physical activity increases blood flow. Always wash your face after your workout to rehydrate your skin and follow up with a light moisturizer.

Winter Skincare Tip #4:  Amp Up Your Skincare Routine

Petunia offers a three-step science-based skincare routine that is easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life. 

The foundation of our program is simple: Treat, protect, and prevent. That’s it. 

We’re big fans of serums.  While moisturizers are essential in any treatment plan, science tells us that serums are more successful in delivering potent active ingredients to the lower layers of the skin than moisturizers. And because serums are so lightweight, they can easily layer to address multiple challenges of the eyes, lips, and complexion.  

Those Eyes!

The eyes are the very first area of the face to reveal signs of aging.  Little crow's feet can creep up around them, dark circles can form shadows, and in the case of dehydration, the orbs of the eyes can appear hollow.  

But don’t worry... Our Revitalize Eye Serum combats all of that. This incredible serum attacks lines and wrinkles with plant-based hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000, featuring the broadest range of peptides available.

Hyaluronic acid plumps smooth and fills fine lines, while Matrixyl 3000  “freezes” lines and wrinkles. For an extra pop of brightening, dab a drop or two beneath the eye of Petunia’s Vitamin C Serum as needed.

Those Lips!

The skin on your lips is the most delicate on your face. When exposed to the cold, they chap and little “smoker's” lines form around them, causing the dreaded “lipstick bleed.” Our products prettify damaged, dry, flakey lips and address those smokers’ lines.  Following cleansing and toning to prep the area, treat the lip with our vegan Anti Aging Skin Clearing Serum. This blend of salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and retinol 2.5%  encourages skin cell turnover and fills in fine lines around the lips and mouth. Calm it all down with our Rosehip and Sunflower Moisturizer to soothe and protect.  

You can also glide a small amount of our Hyaluronic Acid Serum on the lips to plump, hydrate, and make them kissable soft.  

That Glow!

Ok, you’ve got this. Glowing winter skin can be yours! 

Cleanse morning and night with our Pomegranate Enzyme Gentle Exfoliant Cleanser to gently slough off dead cells and unveil healthy skin. Follow up with our Skin Brightening Vitamin C Face Toner, a brilliant multi-tasker that brightens skin, works on age spots, and defends against anti-oxidants. 

Address wrinkles, lines, acne, and oily skin with our Anti Aging Skin Clearing Serum to encourage collagen and elastin production. Layer with hyaluronic acid to seal in hydration. Complete your routine with our Rosehip and Sunflower Moisturizer made with shea butter and other fatty acids to add youthful volume. Gentle ingredients like rosehips work to prevent moisture from being stripped from the skin

You may apply Petunia Skincare Retinol 2.5% Serum for extra challenged skin and mask your face for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off. The Rosehip and Sunflower Moisturizer can also make a calming mask for extra pampering. 

Always apply sunscreen following your morning routine.  

Winter may not be so bad for skin after all. Shorter, gloomy, and overcast days are the perfect time to rev up your use of retinol for more assertive exfoliation without worrying about photosensitivity. 

So step into Petunia’s skincare garden for brighter eyes, tighter pores, and seductive lips. Your Instagram closeup awaits. With that beautiful glow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

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