8 Derma Rolling Mistakes to Avoid


Derma Rolling is another word for collagen induction therapy. It can boost collagen production that can actually reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Along with these are some anti-aging benefits without damaging your skin structure.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Derma Rolling

Derma rolling can also improve the effectiveness of your cream or serums and improve your skin tremendously.

Despite these benefits, there are some common mistakes we should avoid in using Derma Roller.

1. Using a Derma Roller with Acne

By boosting the absorption and efficacy of your topical acne treatment products can be improve by skin needling. It is highly suggested to use 1.25 to 0.3mm rollers on the face with acne. Avoid rolling it directly into any pustular pimples to prevent the spread of bacteria and trigger breakouts. The best way is to roll around your acne.

2. Rolling Forcibly

You may think that the harder you roll your skin, the better the result. This is completely untrue. Rolling forcibly will irritate your skin and increase redness, so you should roll with moderate pressure. There are cases that rolling forcibly can lead to temporary formation of needle marks. You can definitely expect collagen growth as long as the microneedles penetrated through your skin so there is no need to apply tremendous force.

3. Applying Sunscreen or Makeup After Treatment

Since dermarolling created thousands of micro channels into the deeper skin layer, avoid the use of makeup or sunscreen immediately after the treatment. These products are not suitable for deep absorption as they contain irritating ingredients that can cause inflammation, whiteheads, blackheads. You can apply makeup and sunscreen after 24 hours of treatment.

Mistakes To Avoid While Derma Rolling

4. Derma rolling with Cold Sores

Do not perform treatment if you have cold sores until your skin is fully recovered to prevent the trigger of outbreak. It is advisable to take cold sore medication before a procedure.

5. Taking Medications

You should first consult your doctor before skin needling if you are taking medications. Derma rolling can cause side effects with certain medications.

6. Sharing your Roller

You should never share your roller. Sharing your roller can transfer disease from one person to another.

7. Accutane Treatment

Accutate us popular for treating severe acne. This treatment can weaken your skin structure, so performing skin needling treatment can actually make your skin worse than before. Avoid derma rolling if you recently had an Accutane treatment in the last 6 to 12 months.

8. Starting a New Treatment Before Fully Recovered

Other people want to have multiple skin treatments on a weekly or monthly basis. If your skin is still irritated from previous treatment, you shouldn't start a new treatment until your skin is fully recovered.

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