For the face, derma roll once every 1-4 weeks*

Only derma roll on acne scars, and never roll on active acne.

Every skin's healing process is different, we recommend starting out once every 2-4 weeks and gradually increasing as you see fit.

Derma rolling at night is recommended to avoid redness that may prevent you from doing normal activities.

1. Before you use your Derma Roller for the first time, make sure that you thoroughly cleanse your face and then dry off. You can leave the toning and moisturizing for later after you've finished with the micro-needling therapy.

2. Rinse the Derma Roller head under hot running water before using it on your skin. This ensures that the needles are disinfected again just before use.

3. If you find it painful to derma roll, you may use a numbing agent to help with the sensation of having your skin pricked by tiny needles. While it's not a painful process, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of piercing their own skin voluntarily. 

4. Use the Derma Roller on the skin, going in one direction from left to right, top to bottom, and diagonally across. Be sure to apply even pressure as you roll the needle head across the treated area. Roll in each direction 10 times for optimal results, however you may choose to roll less than that - this is all dependant on your skin's adaptability and sensitivity. 

5. After derma rolling, apply your toner and serums and allow a good allotted time for it to be fully absorbed. Once it's been absorbed, you may apply your moisturizer. 

6. Wash your Derma Roller under hot running water after every sessions. We recommend thoroughly disinfecting your Derma Roller by submerging the roller and container in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes after every 3-4 sessions.

Replace Derma Roller every 3-6 months, depending on use, as needles can get dull overtime.

Serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than facial moisturizers, thus known for their effectiveness. The golden rule for layering serum's is applying from thinnest consistency to thickest.

Layering our Hydrating & Acne Scar Fading Kit:

1. If using in the evening, after derma rolling, apply our Vitamin C Serum followed by our Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Apply a moisturizer after.

2. If using in the morning, only apply our Vitamin C Serum followed by our Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Apply a moisturizer after. We don't recommend derma rolling during the day as it can cause skin to become red and prevent you from doing normal activities.

TIP: Remember to apply sunscreen during the day.