Achieve that Baby Soft Skin with these Tips!

Achieving that young soft skin takes more effort to have right now because of some environmental factors that hinders it. Certain factors such as the weather, lifestyle, work and age making the skin rough over the years. It is very desirable to have baby soft skin to touch so here are some few tips for you. 

1. Wash your skin everyday

Try to look for a gentle face cleanser to wash your face. Avoid using soap on your face since it can dry out the skin.  To get soft skin it is important to keep it clean. A lot of soap free body wash and cleansers available in the market today that can be used. Make sure to gently pat your skin with towel upon drying. This will remove the dirt without drying the skin out.

2. Exfoliate more often

Help remove the dead skin cells of your skin by exfoliating once a week.  This allows new and fresh skin to come through. For sensitive skin, you only need to exfoliate once every two weeks.  Experimenting is also good, instead of purchasing a body scrub, why not create one with a mixture of sugar and honey. It is best to do this in the bath or shower so water will wash away the dead cells as well as the scrub. After scrubbing, gently pat the skin dry with a gentle motion.

3. Moisturize

One of the most important part of a skincare regimen is moisturizing. In order to hydrate your skin cells you have to moisturize everyday. Apply lotion to the body right away after taking a bath. This will open the pores and help absorb the moisturizer.  Organic products like Hyaluronic Acid Serum is very good in moisturizing your face.  

4. Always use sunscreen

We all know that the rays of the sun are one of the worst things for the skin.  The sun dries out the skin making it feel rough and dry.  It also causes premature aging. Look for a sunscreen with above SPF15 to protect your skin from harmful rays. Remember to always wear a sun block and reapply it every couple of hours or when sweating.  

5. Repeat skincare routine before bedtime

It is also important to stick with a bedtime skincare routine. Make sure to apply cream to your elbows, hands and other dry areas of your body if you want to have softer skin when you wake up the next day. For your face, you can apply your favorite night cream or a serum like Vitamin C Serum which helps in skin repair after a long day. If possible, wear a clothing made with cotton to allow the skin to breathe while you sleep. 

Applying these tricks will help you get baby soft skin even if you have been working all day long, exposed to the sun,  or you're aging.  These tips will have your skin soft and healthy once again in no time.

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