How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Everyday it is important to clean your face but another thing is to ensure that your makeup tools are clean enough to avoid breakouts. It may not seem like the most beautiful thing to do but cleaning makeup brushes is something that should always be a part of your regular beauty routine. Just think about all the dirt and oil that accumulates on those bristles and how terrible it can be on your skin. Cleaning your tools will not only help keep bacteria off your face, but will condition those brushes you spent your penny with.  

So, how do you properly clean your makeup brushes? Here are some quick guide. 

1. Wet the bristles.  Rinse your makeup brush bristles with water. Make sure to keep the bristles pointing downwards while washing.

2. Massage the brush with soap. Swipe your brush gently in your palm with liquid soap or shampoo. Swirl the brushes into the soap to get rid off the oil and dirt in there. If you have more brushes to wash, set each one aside after soaping it up.

3. Rinse again. Rinse it again with water. Be sure that the water doesn't touch your brush's handle.

4. Squeeze excess water. Squeeze out excess water on the bristles with your fingers.

5. Let it dry. After all of this procedure, lay the brushes on a flat surface or put it on a paper towel overnight to dry.

Now you cannot go wrong with these tips. You don't need to buy another set of makeup brushes just follow these tips to save you up. 

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